Sometimes You’ve Gotta Just Keep Going

I went on a ride yesterday with my friend Darren and pushed myself further than I’ve been pushed in a long time. Rode the first half of the route with the Vermont Gran Fondo and wow did they put on an amazing event. The route, course markings, and rest stop offerings were incredible. I can’t recommend this ride enough.

We followed the VTGF route starting in Bristol (Appalachian Gap [mile 15, max ele. 2,356 ft]>Lincoln Gap [mile 30, max ele. 2,422 ft][steepest paved mile in the US], Appalachian Gap 2nd time [mile 45], Middlebury Gap [mile 75, max ele. 2,145 ft]) and then turned south and rode Brandon Gap (mile 103, max ele. 2,158 ft) (5 miles almost completely unpaved with the first half scarified and clean with the second and steeper half full of loose and piled gravel), Rochester/Bethel Gap (mile 117, max ele. 2,148 ft) (the easiest of the gaps but with partial washouts), Roxbury Gap (mile 148, max ele. 2,407 ft) (entire ascent was packed gravel before some washouts toward the top) and finally the Appalachian Gap from the East (mile 161) to get back to our car in Bristol. HUGE thanks to The Blue Stone – Waitsfield for filling our water bottles and giving us slices of amazing pizza after we discovered everything else in town was closed. We would not have made it back without the help for their amazing employees and food.
( ignore the Mooretown Gap, that’s obviously not real)

Thanks to King Ted at Golden Triangle Bike for getting my bike in tip top shape. Thanks to those who make Team GTB possible: Edgar Snyder & Associates/Brad TrustEast End BrewingMaggie’s Farm Rum3 Rivers Outdoor CompanyRivers of SteelGasoline Street Coffee Company, and Spirit. Thanks to my family (MarionMoriahJon, and Mona) for watching the kiddos while I did this crazy adventure. Also, thanks to Ian Boswell for coming out for the Fondo and cheering us on throughout the rest of the ride.

I survived the ride by using Hammer electrolyte tablets, Heed , homemade rice bars, Science in Sport gels with caffeine, and fig newtons, lots and lots of fig newtons. Anyone know how I can get a sponsorship from Nabisco?

Full disclosure: Darren was a full and paid participant of the VTGF but I was not registered so I only took water from the stops (and a little Heed) 😳

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