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2023 Used Bike Sale at UNISON BIKE LAB!

Its that time of the year again.  The Golden Triangle Bike Seasonal Used Bike Sale has put so many people on awesome bikes over the years!  Thousands of Used Bikes have gone out our doors to just as many happy riders over the past 17 years.  We love and look forward to this part of our season.  In the early years, we had a one-day sale that had people sleeping overnight in a line that wrapped around the first avenue garage, and down the street.  It was so much fun!   Then we moved to periodically selling used bikes throughout the season as they became available.  During the pandemic, we sold bikes online and over the phone with touch-free delivery to the home of the buyer.  That felt really great at a time that was not-so-great!

This year we are doing something different.  Most of our fleet has been purchased recently which means we do not have a ton of used bikes for sale this year.  But, what we do have is awesome!  As we approach the end of our season, more and more models and sizes will be available.  Here is where things are will be very different from previous years.  Our bikes will be available at our sister bike shop, Unison Bike Lab, located just across the river from our downtown location in the Highline Building on the Southside (right next to Sly Fox Brewing and right on the trail)!

Please go to, click on “BIKES” and look for “Used” options that are featured below.  If nothing floats your boat, check out Unison’s new bike line which is HIGHLY discounted right now.

Surly Long Haul Trucker Touring Bike

Sizes 54, 62




Sizes: 51, 54



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Yinz get a flat while yinz were dahn tahn? Swing by and get your flat fixed, brake/gears adjusted, tire replaced, chain lubed, headset tightened, wheels trued,…..we’ve got you covered.  We are a full service shop with some of the best mechanics in the Burgh!  Give us a call at 412-600-0675 to schedule your appointment, get a quote, and get rolling again!